How can i create a successful strategy for my life?

However, you'll probably need to use a little more willpower for the first 30 days or so, as this is how long it normally takes to create a new habit. After that, these strategies will be part of your daily life and you won't have to think about having to put them into practice. In other words, they will have become common actions. Even simply adopting one of the strategies can change course in your favor.

However, by implementing all 10, you'll create an unstoppable trend toward success, health, and happiness. As Tony often says, the secret to life is giving. When learning to plan your life, incorporating ways to participate in the community is a good way to increase your overall well-being. Donating money or resources, joining organizations, or volunteering are good ways to give back.

In times of crisis, life planning is a powerful comfort. Learning to plan your life allows you to overcome difficult moments without losing sight of your original goals. Having a plan A, B, C and D ensures that you're never left without a strategy to survive and ultimately succeed. When you celebrate small successes, such as losing five pounds or finding the right non-profit organization to contribute to, you increase your enjoyment of the process and, in turn, your chances of success.