What strategies can help you reach goals?

You are not going to achieve your goals if they are not INTELLIGENT. Don't just daydream about your goals, put pen to paper and write them down. This strategy requires setting goals every morning without fail. What will you achieve and will you achieve today? Take your one-month goal or your 12-month goals and divide them into milestones.

Whatever it is, as long as it's measurable and you break it down into what you need to achieve that day, it's easier to stay on track. In this strategy, you're going to chase the frog by tackling your MITs first thing in the morning. Make sure you do those big Quadrant 2 tasks early in the day so they don't get in your way. While you may not see immediate results from your actions, they add up over time.

Do it very early when you are freshly rested. There are proven strategies you can use to achieve your goals. The first is to set realistic and achievable goals. It's crucial to be honest with yourself about what you're capable of achieving.

The second strategy for achieving your goals is to divide them into smaller goals or steps. When you have an important goal, it helps to think about what needs to happen to achieve it. Here are some strategies for achieving the objectives. You may have heard or read about these strategies elsewhere, but it's always good to repeat them.